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Recap - AHS: Roanoke (SSN 6, Ep 4)

Recap - AHS: Roanoke (SSN 6, Ep 4)

Matt and Shelby's relationship is put to the test when Matt finds himself seduced (again!) by Lady Gaga & her gross, black teeth. Cricket learns the hard way why one should never go up against Kathy Bates. Especialy when she's weilding a meat cleaver & goes by the name "Butcher."

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 9)


American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 9

Title: "She Wants Revenge"

Aired: 12/9/2015

Synopsis: The Countess and Will Drake finally tie the knot - much to the disappointment of James March. Donovan falls back into The Countess' clutches, putting a wrench into Ramona Royale's plans. Finally, Alex makes a pathetic attempt to clean up her kiddie vampire mess. One thing there isn't in this episode? Any talk of the Ten Commandments Killer.

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 7)


American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 7

Title: "Flicker"

Aired: 11/18/2015

Synopsis: We learn about the Countess' past - her connection with Mr. March and the story of how/when she was turned into a vampire. Det John is getting closer to solving the case of the 10 Commandments Killer, but has to go to some pretty extreme lengths, in order to get the answers he's looking for. Finally, construction workers, hired by Drake to revamp the Hotel Cortez, uncover one of the hotel's long-buried secrets.

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 6)

Precious little baby.

Precious little baby.

American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 6

Title: "Room 33"

Aired: 11/11/2015

Synopsis: Ramona and Donovan put their "revenge on gaga" plan into action, Alex quickly becomes a hated character by playing unnecessary mindgames with poor John, and Liz and Rufio confess a juicy secret. So many things to pay attention to!

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 3)


American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 3
Title: "Mommy"
Aired: 10/21/2015

Synopsis: Detective John deals with his growing marital issues while we learn more about Alex's past and how she feels about the disappearance of Holden. Donovan is picked up by a rival of The Countess' ('s Angela Bassett!). The Countess and Tristan are playing sexy vampire games with Will Drake. We also learn about how The Countess lost all her money. Last, but certainly not least, Tristan seeks out Mr. March to discuss their favorite topic...murder!