Kathy Bates

Recap - AHS: Roanoke (SSN 6, Ep 4)

Recap - AHS: Roanoke (SSN 6, Ep 4)

Matt and Shelby's relationship is put to the test when Matt finds himself seduced (again!) by Lady Gaga & her gross, black teeth. Cricket learns the hard way why one should never go up against Kathy Bates. Especialy when she's weilding a meat cleaver & goes by the name "Butcher."

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 11)

American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 11

Title: "Battle Royale"

Aired: 1/6/2016

Synopsis: Ramona teams up with an unlikely duo to take down the Countess once and for all. We finally get some backstory on Sally and now we feel the need to shower. She is gross. John and Alex have lost their gd minds and think they can just be a nornal family now. The crazy continues at the Hotel Cortez.

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 10)


American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 10

Title: "She Gets Revenge"

Aired: 12/16/2015

Synopsis: Liz reunites with someone from her past, which puts plans she made with Iris temporarily on hold. John and Alex finally remember they also have a daughter and try to give their marriage one more shot. Last, but certainly not least, The Countess and Donovan finally learn that they may truly be made for each other...but at what cost?? Dun dun dun!

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 4)


American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 4

Title: "Devil's Night"

Aired: 10/28/2015

Synopsis: Wow! Where do I even start with this episode? So the “Halloween Week” episodes of American Horror Story have traditionally been pretty Halloweeny, so to speak, as well as a bit more action-packed than the rest of the season’s episodes (with the exception of Asylum, whose Halloween episode was uncharacteristically lackluster); In Murder House, we got a two-parter where the dead come above ground to walk amongst the living; Coven gave us zombies and Voodoo; Freak Show introduced us to Edward Mordrake (another two-parter); and finally, with Hotel, we get the aptly titled Devil’s Night, which introduces us to a handful of new, unsavory characters.

In this episode, Detective Lowe reneges on his vow of sobriety by starting off the night with a few martinis, which he enjoys while in the company of one Miss Aileen Wuornos. After an unsuccessful attempt at purchasing some sexy time with the infamous femme fatale, Detective Lowe is invited to the dinner party to end all dinner parties, hosted by Mr. March. The guests at this dinner party are really a colorful bunch with one very specific pastime in common, and Detective Lowe soon finds himself in a rather uncomfortable position.

Recap - American Horror Story: Hotel (Ep. 2)


American Horror Story: Hotel, Season 5, Episode 2
Title: "Chutes and Ladders"
Aired: 10/14/2015

Synopsis: Craziness continues at the Hotel Cortez. The hotel's new owner, Will Drake, is throwing a fashion show for all of his fancy, fashionable friends (including Naomi Campbell). We're introduced to the bad-boy of the fashion show, Tristan Duffy (Finn Wittrock), and later find out that The Countess has taken a liking to him. We also learn more about the hotel's history, starting with the wealthy man who built it, Mr. James March (Evan Peters). Last but not least, there's Detective Lowe, who is trying to cope with the bomb his daughter just dropped on him.