Ari Aster

The First Purge, Under the Silver Lake, Revenge, Hereditary

Hello my friends! Welcome back to another Coming Attractions. Let's see what's on the old agender today...

First up - how appropriate - The First Purge

Gonna have to come clean here, guys - I have never watched any of these. I know, they're wildly popular, & some of them are even supposed to be decent. I just can't get past the premise. If one of you readers would like to explain to me how the idea of a purge night could EVER possibly be feasible, by all means go for it. Until then, I'll just be over here rolling my eyes.

This trailer's not changing my mind, either. Especially now I've pretty much learned the entire plot of the movie. And poor Marissa Tomei. I hope she got a big paycheck for this.

The First Purge opens in theaters on July 4.

Next up, the new movie from David Robert Mitchell, the fella who brought you It Follows.

Doesn't really look like horror, but it does look weird. And I like weird. I do not, however, like Andrew Garfield very much. Gotta admit, though - this trailer's got me. A mystery set in Hollywood with Patrick Fischler from Twin Peaks & Mulholland Drive? Yes, please. Hopefully it doesn't end up being too wacky for its own good.

Opens June 22, 2018

What've we got next? Oh boy, a good ol' fashioned rape revenge movie!

It's quite easy to see where this movie's going, from the self-explanatory title to the trailer laying it all out for you. And while it probably won't be groundbreaking, it looks like it could be a fun ride. Plus, how many rape revenge movies have been made by women? 

Available May 11, 2018

I saved the best for last, though I'm guessing most of you have already seen this trailer.

Now THIS looks creepy . I'm not familiar with the director, but I hear he's made some fantastic shorts. You can always count on Toni Collette to bring it, & I'm pleased to see the actor who played Derf Backderf in My Friend Dahmer plays the son here. With all the buzz, & A24's stellar track record, this one has been an exercise in patience & curbing my expectations for months now. Luckily, they've announced the release date. If only I could hide out in a bunker until then.

Hereditary opens in the US June 8.

This has been your trailer roundup. Which are you excited to see, & why is it Hereditary? Let me know!