September Roundup

Welcome to September’s coming attractions! One step closer to Halloween, we have a bountiful harvest of horror films to look forward to.


A French post-apocalyptic tale. Either you’re into the desolate wasteland subgenre, or you despise it. Our heroine Juliette seems badass enough to hold my attention for a while. It also appears that we have spindly creatures of some sort running around being… creepy.  

Streaming on September 4th (U.S.)

The Nun

The origin story of Valak the creepy nun/demon who haunts The Conjuring universe. Clearly churches aren’t even the safe havens we were led to believe they were. Unlike the other entries in the series, this looks sacrilegious, bleak and devoid of hope or joy. Sign me up.

In theaters September 7th

The Predator

They’re back! This time the most deadly hunters in the universe have evolved into something even more frighteningly awesome than before. It appears they’re modifying their DNA with that of other species now. This gives me a hilarious mental image of burly, gnarly Predator scientists in white lab coats mixing concoctions in beakers. Can you see it? Adorable. Anyway, a little boy from Earth has accidentally summoned them here and it’s up to a rag tag crew to stop them! Bring on the profanity and violence.

In theaters September 14th


A tasty looking morsel of fan service! A group of teen pals go to a huge traveling horror theme park for a night of frights and mazes. It looks like Universal Horror Nights on crack. The kiddos soon find themselves being pursued by a masked foe who is (presumably) actually trying to kill them. I am a total sucker for “teen scream” horror movies. Bonus points if you spotted Tony Todd rocking an epic hat in the trailer.

In theaters September 28th

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Okay, this one is a bonus. Many adult horror fans love something creepy they can take the littles to. This one is based off the classic children’s novel by John Bellairs. A young boy goes to stay with his warlock uncle and starts to learn magic too. An evil guy hid a doomsday device in the walls of their home, so that’s going to be a problem. Jack Black, Kyle MacLachlan, and Goddess Incarnate Cate Blanchett star.

In Theaters September 21st

Which horror titles are you looking forward to in September? Let us know in the comments!