Pyewacket, Wildling, Ayla, Caught

No, that title isn't just a bunch of nonsense words. It's a round up of new releases & movies coming soon. They all just happen to have weird/vague titles. That's the way she goes, Bubs.

First up, the next picture from Adam MacDonald, the guy who brought you Backcountry.

Aw don't curse your mom, kid. I know she's mean, but you're probably a pain in the ass. This looks pretty good, & I've been hearing positive things.

Available March 23, 2018 on VOD

Okay, this next one looks a little bland. But look, Brad Dourif!

Yeah, not so hot on this one. Maybe it'll surprise us, but it looks pretty by-the-numbers. I do like that cast, though. Bel Powley had great screen presence in Diary of a Teenage Girl (in addition to totally looking just like Phoebe Gloeckner).

Opens April 13, 2018

Well, this is a strange looking movie. It doesn't help matters that the director goes by Elias. Just Elias, like Cher or Roseanne. Huh.

Soooo, we only get a little bit of info from the trailer, which is just how I like it. Dude thinks he sees his dead/disappeared sister, even though his mom (Dee Wallace!) thinks he needs to cool it. And it looks like the 'is she or isn't she' sister in question is played by Tristan Risk, who we enjoyed very much in American Mary

This one never got a theatrical release, but you can check it out now on demand. If you do, be sure to let me know how it is!

Last one for the day is Caught, which looks to put a Men in Black spin on the home invasion sub genre.

This one looks intriguing. I've seen some mediocre reviews, unfortunately, so hopefully they haven't given us all the good bits in the preview.

Caught had a limited release in the US March 30, 2018, but it's not available to stream yet. Might be worth keeping an eye out for this one, no?

That does it for this round of Coming Attractions. Seen any of these flicks already? Weigh in, don't be shy!