53 | Darling

Director: Mickey Keating

Writer: Mickey Keating

Stars: Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Young, Brian Morvant, gd Larry Fessenden

Synopsis: A fragile young woman accepts a job house sitting a gorgeous mansion with a dark history. Will she be the next to succumb to the house's evil influence? As this is a horror movie, yes, she most probably will.

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Bosom friend of The Bloodlust, Andrew Shearer, joins us to discuss Darling. You can listen to Eddie's earlier interview with Andrew here.

Next we'll be tackling the lastest installment of the very much "hit or miss" ABC's of Death series. Mind you, this installment is not ABC's of Death 3. Instead, this is a collection of shorts submitted for a contest that was held for the letter "M" in ABC's of Death 2. Since there were so many solid entries, they decided to put out a collection of some of the best ones. If you're a fan of the ABC's of Death movies or just a fan of horror shorts or anthologies, chances are good you will dig this collection. It's currently available for rental ($2.99) or purchase ($5.99) on Vimeo. The Bloodlust collectively agrees that it is worth the $2.99, at the very least. I mean, just give up a fancy coffee for the week or something. If you do check it out, then join us next time when we discuss ABC's of Death 2.5.