Bloodlust Bites: The Price of Bones & Killer Friends (horror shorts)

Written, Directed, & Produced by: Zach Noe Towers
Co-Directed by: Tina Carbone
Producers: Tina Carbone, Mark Brostoff, and Jenna-Lee Carreiro
Cinematography: James Sielaff
Makeup FX: Christina Chapman
Editing: Morgan Pritchard
Music: Jasha Klebe

Starring: Zach Noe Towers (Scott), Jenna-Lee Carreiro (Jill), Peggy Sinnott (Heather), and Dae Racki (Bryan).

Synopsis: Four friends take a camping trip that will end up turning their quartet into a trio.

Having taken home two Audience Awards at Dances With Films, Zach Noe Towers' clever dark comedy, Killer Friends, is scheduled for a week-long theatrical release at Laemmle Theaters (North Hollywood) from 9/2 to 9/8. Killer Friends is also eligible for an Academy Awards Oscar® nomination.

ZNT Productions is currently seeking a distribution platform for Killer Friends, as well as investors for Meat Market, Zach Noe Towers' first feature film screenplay. Another horror/comedy/slasher, Meat Market follows a group of guys who are being hunted down, through a Grindr-esque app, and murdered. Zach Noe Towers can be reached at

Zach Noe Towers created a clever and funny slasher-esque short that makes me a bit wary of my upcoming camping trip with my fellow Bloodlust pals...
— Jamie (@jamiestamp)

Killer Friends - Official Trailer

Writer/Producer: Samantha Kolesnik
Director: Brandon Taylor
Produced by: Hollow Tree Films (Melissa Sherry, Michael Sherry, and Brandon Taylor)
Cinematography: Jesse Gouldsbury
SFX: Missy Scarbrough

Starring: Summerisa Bell Stevens (Caprise), Lisa Dennett (Mother), and Jordan Anton (Heather)

Synopsis: Two friends go to extreme lengths to obtain "perfect" bodies.

Samantha Kolesnik is the writer & producer of "The Price of Bones." She founded Turning the Girl Productions, an emerging, lady-centric production company, in 2016.

You can get in touch with Samantha at:

We seek to produce works which showcase complex, revolutionary roles for women in film while telling dark, gritty stories of sociological import.”
— Samantha (
Samantha Kolesnik and Brandon Taylor put together a well-crafted and uncomfortable piece of psychological horror that shows how scary the quest to ‘be thin’ can really be.
— Jamie (@jamiestamp)

The Price of Bones - Official Trailer