52 | Nina Forever

Did you miss us? Sorry about skipping a week, folks. We recorded several episodes - including this one - quite a while ago, in anticipation of being far too busy actually getting to hang out with each other for once. Yay!!!

We're back to our regular recording schedule (& our boring old lives) now, so we promise no more delays, & no more discussions about very old news. Like how we talk about The Woods at the beginning of this episode as if we hadn't already found out it's a new Blair Witch movie. Ugh. Surry.

Directors: Ben & Chris Blaine

Writers: Ben & Chris Blaine

Stars: Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, Mandeep Dhillon

Synopsis: A young man, still upset at the tragic death of his girlfriend, Nina, finds new love with his co-worker, Holly. As things start to get serious with Holly and he starts to move past his grief, Nina decides to come back during the couples' sexy times to let him know that she's not quite ready for him to move on.

Want to skip the small talk? We start our review at 00:16:25

We'll be reviewing the 2016 indie film, Darling, for our next episode. For all you lovers of horror films that fall outside of the Conjuring/Insidious/et al realm, chances are you've checked out The Woman and/or Jugface (or you've at least thought about it). Therefore, you will recognize Darling's leading lady, Lauren Ashley Carter. She is becoming a familiar face in indie horror flicks and tbh, we couldn't be more pleased about that. Darling is currently streaming on Netflix so give it a watch and then join us for our review!