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137 | The Lighthouse

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Directed by Robert Eggers

Written by Max Eggers & Robert Eggers

Stars: Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattinson

Rated: R (for mermaid vag); Runtime: 1hr 49min

Released October 18, 2019; Available in limited theaters

Synopsis: Two men, the older one a grizzled former sailor & the younger a quiet & secretive newcomer, are charged with tending to a lighthouse on a small rocky island off the coast of New England in the late 1800s. When a storm keeps their replacements away & makes leaving impossible, it puts a serious strain on their sanity.

Episode extras:

The story of Small’s Lighthouse and its keepers.

The movie’s beautiful Fresnel lens.

Should pale death with arrow dread
Make the ocean caves our bed,
Though no eye of love might see
Where that shrouded grave shall be,
Thou ! who hear’st the surges roll,
Deign to save the suppliant soul.
— Sailor’s Hymn 107 from “Poems for the Sea” by Lydia Sigourney
Sascha Schneider,  Hypnose , 1904

Sascha Schneider, Hypnose, 1904

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53 | Darling

53 | Darling

A fragile young woman accepts a job house sitting a gorgeous mansion with a dark history. Will she be the next to succumb to the house's evil influence? As this is a horror movie, yes, she most probably will.

Bosom friend of The Bloodlust, Andrew Shearer, joins us to discuss Darling