Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 5)

Episode 5: The Big Scary U

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Considering this episode opens with a flash back to Father Gabriel praying at the altar for a purposeful death, we knew this episode was going to be a doozy.

Another flashback! This time it was a meeting with Negan and his generals, (Eugene, Simon, Dwight, Regina, and that other guy. He always looks so sad and tired.) talking with Gregory before Maggie/Rick/armies showed up and rained down hell. “The Big Scary U” Gregory speaks of is the “unknown.” Sage words indeed from that slimy creep.

We finally get to see how Negan and Father Gabriel got out of that trailer. Eventually. Before that, we get to hear some really amazing dialogue between the two men. Not to mention we see a softer side of Negan. It does exist! And it’s effectively brought to life by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s phenomenal acting chops. Gabe refuses to leave the trailer (he even tried to attack Negan!) until he hears the other man’s confession. He thinks God put him right there for this reason. The priest also reminds us of his great sin, leaving his congregation for dead when the outbreak started. It turns out Negan has always had this thing about helping people. He used to work with kids. Whaaaaaa…?

He also used to be married to one, “real” wife. He cheated on her, and she got sick when the apocalypse started. But he really loved her and couldn’t kill her when the time came. Negan was too weak. Never again. Negan is SO self-righteous and feels justified in what he does. He and his group “save” people. Yet, he brought economy, society, and order to a chaotic group of people. He’s psychotic, but he gets results, damn it! Father Gabe and Negan escape by covering themselves in entrails. They do have to fight, and Negan doesn’t leave the other behind. We also get some REALLY nice close-ups of the walkers in all their nasty, gooey glory.

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The generals are meeting on what to do now that Negan is “dead”, and the group is interrupted by the working class of the Saviors. They’re unhappy with the cut back on resources, and concerned about where Negan is. They have a deal after all; they do all the toiling, and the leaders keep them safe. Simon and Regina especially suck at leading, and Regina shoots an upset worker bee. WELL, Negan doesn’t like that, and they all dutifully bow down when he and Gabe come striding in. Sorry kids, dad’s home! The working peeps are glad though, because Negan delivers, after all.

Eugene is feeling the heat to find the one who betrayed them, and before long he figures out its Dwight. He’s got some choices to make. Eugene goes to welcome Gabriel in his cell, and the Father doesn’t look good! In fact, he looks like he’s dying…

Even though we all knew the Rick vs Daryl fight was coming, it was still unpleasant to behold. They BRAWLED. Daryl wants to kill everyone in the Savior’s compound, where Rick only wants to kill the bad ones and not the drones. While they’re wasting time wrestling, the truck with the high powered weapons goes up in flames. Wow. The two go off their separate ways. I wish they would just hug it out.

Rick is going to my Trash people, yay! I miss them! He’s giving them one last shot to join the good guy’s side. Oh, and he sees a HELICOPTER. Yeah, who the hell is that??

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