Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 6)

Episode 6: The King, The Widow, and Rick


The Sanctuary is still surrounded by Walkers and good-guy snipers. It looks like they won’t be going anywhere during this episode.


Maggie isn’t happy that Jesus is giving their excess turnip crop away to the Savior prisoners as food. They also get sips of water. Things could be worse, they aren’t being executed. Yet. Gregory tries to be the Bad Devil on Maggie’s shoulder. Meanwhile Jesus is keeping his stance on being the Good Angel on her other.  She decides to place the prisoners in a pen/jail thing inside The Hilltop and throw stupid Greg in there too. Maggie once again let’s her inner circle know the POWer’s could still be killed if she decides they need to be.

Rosita and Michonne are still healing up, hence why they’ve just been guarding Alexandria at home. Neither likes being out of the action so they take a little road trip. They need to see The Sanctuary surrounded for peace of mind. The ladies find ANOTHER armory outpost. Two Saviors there are planning to drive up with a truck full of speakers and lead the dead away with the noise so their army (and Negan) can escape.

Well, our two brave women of Alexandria can’t have that. Rosita explodes a guy with an RPG. Wow. He thought she was a bluffing “baby girl”. Hi creep, meet Rosita. Just when the other Savior is going to get away, Daryl and Tara come to the rescue. Those two are out for a drive to The Sanctuary too. Only they’re going to kill Dwight. This is not part of the official plan, so I am assuming it will go awry.


Carl meets up again with the young man from the gas station. His name is Siddiq. Carl gives over food and water, and asks the official, “Join our Adventuring Party Q’s.” These include, how many walkers have you killed, and how many real people have you killed.”  It turns our Siddiq makes traps and goes out of his way to kill the walking corpses. His mom believed it freed their souls, and he wants to honor her. Aww. They have a close call, almost getting chomped up by walkers, and end up bonding. I hope Siddiq is not a psycho in disguise. He probably is, right?

Jerry is still standing guard over the-artist-formerly-know-as King Ezekiel. Ez is busy moping and brooding about leading his people into battle and death. Carol confronts him with some hard truths. C’mon man! You built this place! The people love you! They need their king! Ezekiel manages to make Carol cry by confessing that she makes him feel real. Double Awww. Will her speech inspire him to get back into the fray?

Rick goes to The Trash People! His plan is so stupid, I can only hope it’s a deliberate setup. He swaggers in with his Polaroid pics of victory and gives Jadis an ultimatum. Join his side, or die. Not so shockingly, they decline. Rick, you “talk too much” for the Trash People. So now Rick is nearly nude and sweating it out (literally) in a storage container at the dump.

Again, I beg, I hope this is some sort of secretly brilliant plan because right now, it just looks like Rick is screwed.