Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 4)

Episode 4: Some Guy


We get a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it flashback scene of The Kingdom readying for battle before the all-out carnage begins. Ezekiel unburies himself from the bodyguards who sacrificed themselves for him during the ambush. Carol had gone on ahead to scout the building where the shots came from. All around the king is the brutal aftermath of what 50 Caliber ammunition does to body parts. Aaaaaand it’s brutal. Like, bits and pieces blow off, brutal. Immediately I can’t help but notice, where is Shiva?? Where is Jerry?? 


Unfortunately, the good king is not alone. Some random Savior who looks A LOT like Jeffrey Dahmer is taking him hostage and to Negan. The guy really lays into our hero for being a fraud and deceiving those who call him royalty and follow him. Uh, oh, Ez is taking it to heart. Don’t listen to this moron, honey! This ass’s loyalty is to a psycho who makes people call themselves "Negan" and abandon their identities for him. The Dahmer fan is getting sick of Ezekiel slowing him down, (his leg is smashed) so he decided to just take the man’s head as a trophy. Out pops our man, Jerry, to cleave the creep in two with his massive battle axe. SIIIIIIIIIICK. 

Carol is on the move in that building. She’s killing fools, naturally. This pocket of Saviors cannot leave with that heavy artillery! But when she sees Jerry and the King in a standoff with a pack of zombies, she chooses to help her peeps over getting the guns. She has chosen wisely. Carol is always saving everyone’s asses anyway.


But it’s ok! Daryl and Rick appear out of nowhere in hot pursuit of the Saviors and the scary weapons. Daryl is on a bike and Rick is in a jeep. The open top jeep is handy when Rick proves he’s an absolute nut and jumps from his moving vehicle into the one he’s chasing. But his crazy pays off. Guns are secured. 

Jerry, Carol, and a VERY cranky King find the source of that SLIMY dead guy I was really into. Now we have a new really gross breed of toxic waste walkers. It looks like some barrels of suspicious chemicals got into a creek…anyway, there’s the answer. Ezekiel CRACKS. He’s trying to get the others to leave him for dead because he’s “just some guy.” It’s actually a dicey fight against those zombies until the beautiful kitty, Shiva, comes roaring to the rescue. She dies saving them. And this time, I crack. 

Never did I ever think I would shed a tear over the death of an artificial television tiger but, I just did. Why oh why does this feel worse than any human’s death we've had on this damn show?? The trio makes it home. But Ezekiel is not okay. Will he be able to come back from this? Or is this the end of his reign?

King Ezekiel need’s to wake up and remember that his people NEED him. This man become the leader they WANTED. His bravado, his speech and theatrical nature gives them hope and a reason to fight on. You cannot build the amazing, caring, incredibly sufficient community of The Kingdom by just being “some guy.” Wake up Ez! We ALL need you! RIP Shiva, you went out fighting for your man.