Haunted House

95 | Marrowbone


Director/Writer: Sergio G. Sanchez 

Synopsis: A family flees from their criminal father in England to America in the 1960s, & attempt to hide away in a secluded country house. When their mother dies, the eldest son, Jack, is determined to keep the family together at all costs. With the help of his love interest, Allie (Anya Taylor-Joy), Jack struggles to keep the secret of Marrowbone from getting out.

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Next up is a movie we've been anxiously waiting for...The Endless. Brought to you by one of our favorite movie duos, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Spring, Resolution). The Endless will get a theatrical release on April 6, 2018 - so if it's playing at a theater near you, we highly recommend checking it out before you tune in for our review.

94 | Haunters: The Art of the Scare


Director/Writer: Jon Schnitzer 

Synopsis: Part of the “hobby” docs sub-genre, like King of Kong, this documentary gives us an introduction into the history of haunted attractions, some explanations as to why people have always been drawn to attractions like these, & finally & most compellingly, it shows us some of people responsible for creating the scares. We meet a few lucky haunters who have been able to parlay their passion into a successful career, but by & large we follow the ones who still have day jobs, & who are balancing their hobby with the other aspects of their lives with varying degrees of success.

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Intro/Outro music courtesy Peter Perfect. Check him out on Instagram | Soundcloud

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29 | We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here
Director: Ted Geoghegan
Writer: Ted Geoghegan
Starring: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie, Larry Fessenden
Synopsis: A couple moves into an old farm house shortly after the death of their son. Not long after they move in, strange things start to take place, not only in the house but also in the small town they now call "home." 

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We mention the newly released trailer for The Witch in this episode, so we have included it for your viewing pleasure. 

Next up on our "To Review" list...Sinister 2. Yet another horror sequel from the powerhouse production company, Blumhouse Productions. Join us as we dive back into the strange world of Bughuul and his continuous obsession with collecting murderous children.