54 | ABCs of Death 2.5

Directors: 31 different directing credits

Writers: 13 different writing credits

Synopsis: For those of you who have seen ABCs of Death 2, you may be aware that the submission for letter "M" was the winner of a contest. The contest was open to indie horror filmmakers and asked them to put together a 3-minute short for the letter "M." The chosen winner would be included in the final cut of ABCs of Death 2. However, since there were so many solid entries, they decided to put out a collection of some of the best. If you're a fan of the ABCs of Death movies or just a fan of horror shorts or anthologies, chances are good you will dig this collection. It's currently available for rental ($2.99) or purchase ($5.99) on Vimeo. The Bloodlust collectively agrees that it is worth the $2.99, at the very least. I mean, just give up your weekly fancy coffee or something. If you do check it out, then listen in as we discuss ABCs of Death 2.5.

Want to skip the small talk? We start our review at 00:15:18

See? Alice is super foxy. She's also the funniest of the 3.

See? Alice is super foxy. She's also the funniest of the 3.

During our pleasant banter -- something you get with every episode of The Bloodlust -- we also discuss the overnight Netflix hit, Stranger Things, as well as the totally not-horror-related podcast, My Dad Wrote A Porno (and how some of us may or may not have a crush on Alice...). Seriously, if you enjoy comedy, poorly-written erotic novellas, and/or British accents, do yourself a favor and give 'er a listen.

Next on the docket, Fede Alvarez's tense new thriller, Don't Breathe. Released in US theaters on 8/26/2016, this film was definitely one of those that benefits from being seen in theaters. So if you haven't seen it, yet, you still have plenty of time to go check this out before our next episode.