Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 2)

Episode 2: The Damned

Now that is a title I can get behind. Let us begin!


Welcome back to Camp Negan! Everyone looks so severe here. Their business as usual is broken up by Rick’s army who proceed to raise hell. They trap the Saviors like vermin and let their own fallen dead take them down from the inside. Smart!

Season 8 challenge: Can there be a better quote than this from Morgan, “I don’t die.”? That pretty much sums him up. And show-runners, please keep my precious, wonderful Morgan alive. Don’t force me to pull Morgan out of this program and keep him safe and protected on a shelf in my home. When Morgan is not in pacifist mode, he is a brutal beast. He’s way too good at killing people.

King Ezekiel talks, swaggers, and teaches Carol about hope. He is, in general, amazing. Carol, when are you gonna hook up with this lovely man??


This episode has lots of shooting. Bullets are flying! But again, this is war.

I have to say, I’m impressed with all the new recruits from the three allied settlements. They’re holding their own in battle! Well, all accept that one guy. He kinda loses his cool and ruins things in the Tara/Jesus Team Stealth mission. Nice going!  

Tara and Jesus disagree about what to do with surrendering Saviors. A little sibling spat I guess. Tara says Dad aka Rick will side with her, and Jesus thinks Mom/Maggie will back him. I’m with Jesus on this one. I don’t think all of Negan’s worker bees need to die. But do we have a plan for them? Some sort of POW camp until the war is over?!?

Out in the middle of nowhere, the gang finds a slimy walker unlike any they’re seen before. Foreshadowing much?

Rick and Daryl clear a building in the Savior compound. Rick finds a baby. That’s right, a baby. “Gracie” is printed on her painted walls and she has a crib and all the baby trappings. Great, Rick, you killed Gracie’s father. Maybe her whole family is gone now because of your war waging! I guess you didn’t figure these people could have families. His shock is short lived when he finds a gun in his face. Cliffhanger!


Shiva gets to kill someone!

Eric (Aaron’s husband) takes a bullet to the stomach! NOOooooo!!

NOW this episode hit me where I live. I am officially 100% dialed in and ready for what is to come. Just leave Morgan alone. And let Eric pull through.

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