Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 1)

Episode 1: Mercy


Hi zombie friends! I’m so excited to back in action with our intrepid heroes fighting for their freedom in the post-apocalyptic landscape! Let’s get into it!

Why not open with a rousing speech to inspire the troops? Maggie, Rick, and Ezekiel are the dream team of the new world order. And of course we get a little peek at Shiva, resident tiger. Hey, girl!


So this is interesting, we keep getting these flash-forwards of Rick and his family enjoying the good life in Alexandria. Rick has a white beard that any elder wizard would be proud of. Are these visions of the future? Or just Rick’s dreams?

Rick & The Gang have spent the off season planning and training up their troops. And planning. And more planning. Because MASSIVELY big things are in the works. They’re starting this war and bringing it to Negan. Good thing we still have charred man on the inside, Dwight! Dwight and Daryl pass battle scheme notes via firing cross bows at one another. Adorbs.


Eww, Carl really needs a new patch. This one is looking haggard. A haircut is also a good idea. A stranger at the gas station hides in fear from Carl and Rick and asks for food. He quotes from the Quran, “My Mercy prevails over my wrath.” Rick shoots at the guy (warning shots!), Carl is a grump.

The party splits up. I’d want to go with Daryl, Tara, Carol, and Morgan. AKA The Cool Kids Club. They’re working on herding large numbers of walkers toward the Sanctuary. Obviously, this is gonna take a while.

I’m sad Morgan is not a pacifist anymore. He’s sad too. We’re all sad.

An electrocuted, puffy, half melted walker is tonight’s grossly awesome find!

Rick wants to retire after the war and let Maggie take over ruling the land.  I say Long Live the Queen. Rick and Maggie take their soldiers over to Negan’s house and lure the villain out with some witty banter. Oh, Gregory is there. The disgraced former leader of The Hilltop. Rick’s side drive an RV turned BOMB into the building and start shooting. Chaos ensues!

Father Gabriel being the kindly soul he is, stops to help stupid asshole Gregory to safety. Surprising no one, Gregory betrays and leaves the pastor to hide in a storage container. Stranded, with Negan. Outside is swarming with walkers. Yikes.

But let’s not end on a negative note! Let us hear another inspiring speech!


Thoughts? Feelings? Emotional outbursts? I’m happy with this season opened. I’m not thrilled. But I like that a tone has been set. And what is up with bearded Rick and his delusions/glimpses into the future?

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