ABC's of Death 2

NR / 2014

Directors: Multiple (all directors are listed next to the title of each segment in the below reviews)

Writers: Multiple

If you've seen the first ABC's of Death, you know full well that the segments can range from "terrible" to "pretty great." The overall concept of ABC's of Death is an exciting one; "let's get some horror shorts from some of the genre's unknown filmmakers." By watching 26 different horror movies, you get exposure to new directors/writers that you, otherwise, may not have heard of. An exciting idea for any horror fan! 

ABC's of Death 2 was a significant improvement over the first. While I, by no means, loved all of the shorts, there definitely seemed to be an improvement in overall quality from those in the first installment. I also particularly loved the title sequence/cards for each segment - they had a creepy, Victorian-type feel to them. With this second installment feeling like a much more polished and put-together collection, as a whole, I can only hope that the third (should they decide to make one) will be even better.

Call me crazy, but I am usually interested in seeing reviews of each individual segment so that's what I decided to do here. Since I give my thoughts on each segment, consider yourself warned that there be spoilers ahead. I'm really just curious if everyone was as confused as I was by the letter "P" segment in this movie, or if I maybe missed something. Scroll down and enjoy!

~ Jamie (@jamiestamp)