75 | We Go On

Writers/Directors: Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton

Synopsis: Desperate for a cure for his Thanatophobia, Miles places an ad in the newspaper offering $30k to anyone who can show him definitive proof of life after death. Out of thousands of responses, mostly from wackadoos & people looking to scam him, he’s able to narrow the list of prospects down to three, with the help of his pragmatic but rather bitter mother. Miles & his mom meet each person - a scientist, a medium & an Indiana Jones type - with varying degrees of success, but it’s a wild card contender who ends up showing Miles something that makes him wish he’d never gone looking for answers.

Next up, we'll be satisfying your "summer shark movie" cravings with a review of the heavily anticipated (ok, maybe not so much...) ocean thriller, 47 Meters Down. Did we mention this is starring pop music darling, Mandy Moore? Well, it is.

51 | The Conjuring 2

51 | The Conjuring 2

"Oh wow, I'm so surprised they made a sequel to The Conjuring!" - said no one ever. Lorraine and Ed Warren are back and taking up cases in England. There are more evil spirits, more scaring ghosts away with god, and more singing along to acoustic guitar by Ed Warren.