75 | We Go On

Writers/Directors: Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton

Synopsis: Desperate for a cure for his Thanatophobia, Miles places an ad in the newspaper offering $30k to anyone who can show him definitive proof of life after death. Out of thousands of responses, mostly from wackadoos & people looking to scam him, he’s able to narrow the list of prospects down to three, with the help of his pragmatic but rather bitter mother. Miles & his mom meet each person - a scientist, a medium & an Indiana Jones type - with varying degrees of success, but it’s a wild card contender who ends up showing Miles something that makes him wish he’d never gone looking for answers.

Next up, we'll be satisfying your "summer shark movie" cravings with a review of the heavily anticipated (ok, maybe not so much...) ocean thriller, 47 Meters Down. Did we mention this is starring pop music darling, Mandy Moore? Well, it is.