77 | The Bad Batch

Writer/Director: Ana Lily Amirpour

Synopsis: We follow Arlen, a woman who's just been deemed part of the "Bad Batch", as she struggles to adapt and survive is this unforgiving and cannibalistic new world. Along the way she is helped, hindered or both by the men she meets, including King of the Studs Jason Momoa, Keaunu Reeves & and almost unrecognizable Jim Carey. Guess they all saw *A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night* & wanted in on that action. Can't say as I blame them. Unfortunately, Amirpour's follow-up suffers many of the same problems tht befall lauded filmmakers' second features. Oh well. Go get em next time, tiger!

Next up, it's the much buzzed-about new release Killing Ground, another brutal slasher from Australia. Just check out this trailer. It looks brutal as hell. Can. Not. Wait. Get it on demand & meet us back here to discuss. See you then!