70 | The Blackcoat's Daughter

Writer/Director: Osgood Perkins

Synopsis: Students Kat & Rose are left behind at their catholic boarding school over break after their parents fail to pick them up. Alone with only a couple nuns to look after them, Rose begins to suspect something might be wrong with the quiet, kinda odd Kat. In a separate plotline, we follow Joan, who appears to have escaped from a hospital of some kind. A good-intentioned couple offers her a ride, & we discover that their path seems to be heading in the direction of the boarding school.

Our roundtable discussion for this episode was about creepy songs, so here's a little playlist of the tracks each host chose, plus a couple bonus murder ballads. Note: Amy got the title of her pick wrong, but the song she meant is included here.

Our next episode will be on The Void, a recently-released throwback to 80s practical effects extravaganzas. Check it ooouuut