13 | AHS: Freak Show (Ep. 13)


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American Horror Story: Freak Show, Season 4, Episode 13
Title: "Curtain Call"
Aired: 01/21/2015

Synopsis: Dandy is trying to get everyone ready for the show - the show that Dandy now owns. However, when Paul tells him that not one ticket has been sold, we are blessed with a Dandy fit. He insults the acts, telling them they're terrible and they turn around and punch him (Amazon Eve), tell him that he'll never be one of them, and then they all quit. Elsa is out in Hollywood trying to make it but is finding it much harder than she'd thought. Dandy takes out almost all of the show players and kidnaps the twins so they can finally be together - but they have other plans. How will it end for the Freak Show folk?!