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American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show, Season 4, Episode 11
Title: "Magical Thinking"
Aired: 01/07/2015

Synopsis: After poor Dot's heart is broken by Jimmy Darling, the twins decide they are better off on their own and they decide to find another "special guy" to take their virginity. They don't have to look far - we have a new character...meet Chester the traveling salesman, magician, and skilled ventriloquist. Elsa realizes that Chester is "good with numbers" so she decides to sell the show to him for $1,000! Dandy learns that Chester and the twins are now lovers so of course he pays Chester a friendly visit. We learn what actually happened when Jimmy made the deal to sell his hands - it is not a nice as I had hoped (what was I thinking?!). Maggie and Desiree return from their gals trip up north and Desiree confronts Dell, who is forced to pay the consequences for what he did to Ma Petite. 


American Horror Story: Freak Show, Season 4, Episode 12
Title: "Show Stoppers"
Aired: 01/14/2015

Synopsis: Elsa's farewell party takes an unfortunate turn when it's revealed that Chester will take over as owner of the freak show. Stanley finally pays the price for his role in all the freak murders (it's about GD time!). Elsa pays a visit to Jimmy and informs him of Dell's death (way to kick a guy when he's down). She also lets him know that a friend of hers will lend him a hand (eh? eh?) with getting out of his current predicament. Maggie volunteers to be Chester's assistant but bites off a little more than she can chew. Ever trying to eff things up for any potential suitors of the twins', Dandy shows them what his detective has discovered about Chester. They freak out and run away.