72 | Train to Busan

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Writer/Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Synopsis: A busy hedge fund manager agrees to take his young daughter to visit her mother on her birthday. On the way to the train station they notice lots of emergency & army vehicles, but don’t pay much attention. Too bad, b/c a viral outbreak is causing people to rise from the dead & go after the living. And one of them just got on the train with them. In addition to the father-daughter team we meet a very pregnant woman & her husband, a high school baseball team & their one cheerleader, & two elderly sisters, among others. Will they make it to their destination, & what will be waiting for them when they get there?

Director Yeon Sang-ho made an earlier, animated prequel to Train to Busan called Seoul Station, which is said to take place one day prior to the events in Train to Busan.

For our next episode we'll be reviewing Irish film A Dark Song, about Aleister Crowley-style magic rituals. Sounds intriguing, right? Check it out on VOD & join us back here in two weeks to discuss.

71 | The Void

71 | The Void

**Writer/Director**: Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski

**Synopsis**: Sheriff’s deputy, Daniel, is quietly trying to wait out the end of his shift when he notices an injured man stumbling out of the woods. After taking the man to a nearly empty hospital, on the verge of closing forever, a series of incredibly stranges events begin to take place. It's difficult to determine which is the bigger danger, the inexplicable monster roaming the halls, or the ominous group of costumed, knife-wielding figures, surrounding the hospital, preventing anyone from excaping. You'll have to settle-in and buckle-down for this movie because shit gets crazy (in the most wonderful way possible).

70 | The Blackcoat's Daughter

70 | The Blackcoat's Daughter

Writer/Director: Osgood Perkins

Synopsis: Students, Kat & Rose, are left behind at their catholic boarding school over break after their parents fail to pick them up. Alone with only a couple nuns to look after them, Rose begins to suspect something might be wrong with the quiet, kinda odd Kat.
In a separate plot line we follow Joan, who appears to have escaped from a hospital of some kind. A good-intentioned couple offers her a ride, & we discover that their path seems to be heading in the direction of the boarding school.

Profile | Soren Narnia

Amy sits down (virtually) with Soren Narnia, the creator of the Knifepoint Horror podcast & the YouTube channel Winterthurn, to discuss storytelling, the nature of horror & why taking up pipe smoking would probably be a cool look for him. Enjoy the interview, then check out the links below to find out more about him.

Soren Narnia of Knifepoint Horror

Twitter | YouTube | Libsyn | Soren's Website

69 | The Belko Experiment

69 | The Belko Experiment

Director: Greg McLean

Writer: James Gunn

Synopsis: Employees at Belko Enterprises arrive at work one day to discover all sorts of weird things going on: the local employees are sent home, the entire building is put on lockdown, and some mysterious voice tells them they must kill 2 people in the next two hours otherwise a larger group will be killed. Rivalries and alliances form, alpha males get a thirst for blood, and people get merked. These folks could really use a company retreat.

68 | Raw

68 | Raw

**Director/Writer**: Julia Ducournau

**Synopsis**:  Shy & timid Justine is just starting her first year of veterinary school & is having trouble adjusting. The dorms are co-ed, the upper classmen are mean & intimidating, & their hazing rituals are pretty intense. At least Justine has her older sister, Alexia, also at school there, to help her learn the ropes. But when Justine, a lifelong vegetarian, is forced by her sister to eat meat for one of her first hazing rituals, she begins experiencing some very strange side effects.

66 | The Lure

Director: Agnieszka Smoczynska Writer: Robert Bolesto

Synopsis: Beautiful mermaid sisters, Silver & Golden, are seduced by the trappings of 80s Poland and decide to come ashore to work in a nightclub. They join the nightclub’s house band & become a huge success, until one of the sisters falls in love with the cute bass player, & the other starts eating people's’ hearts. This is the Little Mermaid musical you never knew you needed to see.

Up next, it's Jordan Peele's horror debut, Get Out. If you aren't already a fan of Key & Peele, you don't need to be to enjoy this movie. You'll just have to check it out and then come back and join us for our next episode!

65 | Beware the Slenderman

65 | Beware the Slenderman

Director/Writer: Irene Taylor Brodsky 

Synopsis:  On May 31, 2014 in the woods of Waukesha, Wisconsin, two 12-yr-old girls, Morgan Geyser & Anissa Weier, stabbed their friend Bella Leutner 19 times & left her to die. Bella managed to crawl to the road & get help; she told her rescuers that ‘her best friend’ was the one who stabbed her. Morgan & Anissa were picked up not long after by police, & it was then they confessed to stabbing Bella in an effort to please Slenderman.
The doc focuses not on the victim & her family, who declined to participate, but on the perpetrators & their families, as well as touching on the origin of Slenderman & the effect of internet culture on today's youth.