77 | Killing Ground

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Writer/Director: Damien Power

Synopsis: Young lovebirds, Ian and Sam, go on a romantic camping trip near a secluded waterfall. Their trip is cut short when they stumble across a horrible crime.

What do you guys think of our new theme music? Pretty cool, right? Big thanks to Peter Perfect for letting us use it.

Next up, we'll be seeing what all the fuss is about with this Annabelle sequel (or prequel?). It's getting solid reviews so we're curious enough to shell out $$ to see it in theaters.

Our Log Does Not Judge | Part 12


You know what I was just thinking? It's really cool to see Laura Dern playing a character like Diane. As you probably know, David Lynch has two female archetypes in all his stuff: the innocent blonde gamine & the exotic dark haired femme fatale. This duality goes quite nicely with his main preoccupation - exploring the darkness lying underneath the placid surface of suburbia. And even though Diane's got that platinum wig, she is most definitely a dark lady. Which is especially neat when you think about her most memorable Lynch role, as Sandy in Blue Velvet. 

Kinda cool too for Kyle MacLachlan that he gets to play both sides of the coin in one character.

Anyway, here's the recap. Enjoy!

These awesome posters for each new episode are made by Cristiano Siqueira

These awesome posters for each new episode are made by Cristiano Siqueira

Our Log Does Not Judge | Part 11


Part 11 might be my favorite episode of The Return so far. We get to spend some time with Bobby,  Shelley & their karmic-revenge-in-child-form, Becky, at the Double R, Gordon almost steps through Bill Hastings' portal to the unknown, & the Mitchum brothers finally meet Dougie. Is there a cherry pie in that box? Only one way to find out.


76 | The Bad Batch

Writer/Director: Ana Lily Amirpour

Synopsis: We follow Arlen, a woman who's just been deemed part of the "Bad Batch", as she struggles to adapt and survive is this unforgiving and cannibalistic new world. Along the way she is helped, hindered or both by the men she meets, including King of the Studs Jason Momoa, Keaunu Reeves & and almost unrecognizable Jim Carey. Guess they all saw *A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night* & wanted in on that action. Can't say as I blame them. Unfortunately, Amirpour's follow-up suffers many of the same problems tht befall lauded filmmakers' second features. Oh well. Go get em next time, tiger!

Next up, it's the much buzzed-about new release Killing Ground, another brutal slasher from Australia. Just check out this trailer. It looks brutal as hell. Can. Not. Wait. Get it on demand & meet us back here to discuss. See you then!

Our Log Does Not Judge | Part 9

Okay, back from hiatus & back to business. We learn so much in this episode my fingers got tired from taking notes. See how I sacrifice for you people?

Exposition abounds! We finally find out how Bill Hastings ties in with Cooper & the gang (visit The Search for the Zone to find out more about that), a little about Dougie's history, & the Major Briggs is/was, to quote Little Richard Horne, a real "magic motherfucker." What didn't that guy think of?

One last thing - wanted to share this great art from Cristiano Sequeira (@crisvector). He's doing one poster for each episode. See the rest of them here.

76 | 47 Meters Down

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For this episode, we are joined by Soren Narnia (@SorenNarnia), friend of The Bloodlust and mastermind behind Knifepoint Horror. If you haven't listened to Knifepoint Horror yet, do yourself a favor and go do it.

Director: Johannes Roberts

Writers: Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera

Synopsis: While on a tropical vacation, sisters Kate & Lisa decide to throw caution to the wind and join Captain Matthew Modine and his crew on a rusted and very unsafe-looking cage-diving adventure. Shockingly, things go terribly wrong and the sisters soon find themselves trapped in a cage at the bottom of the ocean (with very little oxygen and a gang of bloodthirsty sharks).

Next up, it's Hunk Fest 2017 as we review (and Amy drools over) The Bad Batch, starring Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves. It probably stars other folks, too, but they aren't as hunky so they're harder to remember...

Join us next time as we review the cannibal lovestory, The Bad Batch, by director Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night).

Our Log Does Not Judge | Part 8

Well, that was a doozy. Part 8 takes us on a little detour with a totally unexpected origin story of sorts. Confused? Frightened? Still struggling to pick up the pieces of your fractured psyche? Don't fret - we're here to help. From the white lodge to Abe Lincoln chimneysweep to the infamous frog-bug, we'll lay it all out for you in time to get you sorted for part 9.

75 | We Go On

Writers/Directors: Jesse Holland & Andy Mitton

Synopsis: Desperate for a cure for his Thanatophobia, Miles places an ad in the newspaper offering $30k to anyone who can show him definitive proof of life after death. Out of thousands of responses, mostly from wackadoos & people looking to scam him, he’s able to narrow the list of prospects down to three, with the help of his pragmatic but rather bitter mother. Miles & his mom meet each person - a scientist, a medium & an Indiana Jones type - with varying degrees of success, but it’s a wild card contender who ends up showing Miles something that makes him wish he’d never gone looking for answers.

Next up, we'll be satisfying your "summer shark movie" cravings with a review of the heavily anticipated (ok, maybe not so much...) ocean thriller, 47 Meters Down. Did we mention this is starring pop music darling, Mandy Moore? Well, it is.

Our Log Does Not Judge | Part 7

Listen to Amy & Sandra rhapsodize about this episode's return to the classic Twin Peaks of the 90s. They sound so happy & naive, unaware that part 8 was about to air & blow their goddamn minds. So join us in reliving the quaint, bygone days when we were young & full of hope for the good people of Twin Peaks, & much more confident in our sanity.