Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 15)

Episode 15: Worth

   This is our last recap before the season finale! Let’s dive in…

     We start off with Carl’s voice over narration while his dad read’s the letter he wrote. Carl was really pushing the whole “peace with Negan” thing. Also more notes about a bigger world out there for them to be a part a part of, The Saviors being normal people just doing their best to survive, and other really nice things that I’m sure neither Rick nor Negan will heed.

   Eugene gets kidnaped by Daryl and Rosita out at his bullet factory. They don’t plan to kill him, but Eugene freaks out and manages to escape. Since we know Eugene is a coward and can’t fight, his only line of defense is distraction. And OH DEAR GOD HE PROJECTILE VOMITS his way out of the situation. He makes it back in time to ramp up his workers to get ready for war tomorrow. Gabriel is still there and looking very green. He tried to sabotage the bullets but gets caught. What will become of him and Eugene in the finale?!


      Negan “makes up” with Dwight and Simon. We also learn that Simon was the REAL psychopath who happily massacred all the menfolk in (what is now) Cindy’s ladies-only village. Simon calls a meeting of people who want to mutiny, thinking Dwight is one of them. Simon wants to march to Hill Top and leave no one alive. Of course Dwight double crosses him and everyone is quickly killed by Negan and his loyalists. It turns out that Gregory is back at The Sanctuary but is also a double-agent working for Hill Top. He runs back to give Maggie & Rick with Negan’s war plans.

   Negan isn’t one to back down from a fight, so he challenges Simon to a bare-knuckle brawl for control of The Sanctuary. Jadis gets her justice as Negan strangles the life out of his former general. Simon is now an undead “guard” lashed to the fortress gates. Good riddance to an awesomely bad character who made life more interesting around here!

   We also get to see who Negan picked up in the car last episode. It was Laura! I don’t think I ever knew this character had a name. But she was the one who used to call Eugene “haircut.” Anyway, she saw Dwight’s betrayal, and now has ratted him out to Negan. Negan, having known this, deliberately gave Dwight the WRONG battle plans. So now Rick and Maggie have bogus information that will probably mean death for a lot of Hill Toppers. Negan is also keeping Dwight alive… for now. I’m sure he has a fate worse than death planned for his deception.

   Aaron is staging a hunger strike outside Cindy’s village. He’s been there for days hoping to convince the women to help fight. After having little to no food or water, fighting walkers, and pleading his case, he finally passes out. Did his plan succeed? I sure hope so. But we won’t know until the finale. Sigh.

   Michonne gets on the radio to read Negan Carl’s letter. The boy’s words move him to tears. But I guess Negan has just had a really bad day. I mean, his two top generals have MAJORLY betrayed him, and he had to kill one. And Rick’s defiance has made him feel insecure. So he tells Michonne it’s all too late and he needs to come kill them all. SO what the hell is going to happen on the finale? We are being promised all-out war. Is there any stopping it? Will we see Jadis, Georgie, the helicopter, Cindy and her warrior women come riding into battle? Someone hold me.