Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 13)

Episode 13: Do Not Send Us Astray


     Dear Morgan- You know I will always love you. You’re my second favorite character after Daryl! I will be devotedly following you over to, “Fear the Walking Dead.” I’m sure the showrunners are shipping you off in the hopes that other fans will chase after you, as I am promising to do. I’m a little worried about you though. You’re wigging out and hallucinating Gavin’s bloody corpse is stalking you. It’s a little…concerning. Let’s not bring this baggage into your new show, shall we? So, uh, does this mean he has to take creepy little Henry with him?

     Simon and his Saviors show up at Hilltop to rain down some extermination. Maggie tries to barter using the POWer’s. Simon has already written those fools off as dead, so that doesn’t work. Some of the captives are a little peeved at this. We get a nice shot of Daryl is full baddassdom riding on his motorcycle whilst firing a machine gun. God bless the apocalypse. Siddique is busy working his way into my heart. He’s so kind! Compassionate! Strong! Rick snaps at him for offering a condolence prayer for Carl, because I guess he’s still a little touchy. Tara gets winged by an arrow, but she survives the battle. Many on both sides do not. Hilltop proves WAY better at war strategy and The Saviors retreat.

     Daryl and Tara have a tense conversation about how Tara has decided to not kill Dwight anymore. He took her girl’s life, but spared hers. She also magically remembered that she used to be in THE GOVENOR’S ARMY. Yeah, remember him? That megalomaniac with an eye patch? Tara was once on the wrong side too, because she needed to survive at the time. Well, Daryl isn’t so convinced.

     Michonne tries to make Rick eat a turnip. But he’s too busy feasting on grief and guilt. He almost blew the whole battle showing up late. He’s brawl with Negan wasn’t in the agenda, thus making him arrive late to the defense.  

     Maggie is super amazing even when she makes me frustrated. This week she is really grappling with being “a good leader” (as she is fondly called by several characters), and with wanting revenge for her husband’s murder at the “hands” of Negan and Lucille. That one really “sensitive Savior” prisoner who’s always trying to reason with Maggie? He has a name! Alden, apparently. I like him!

     The saddest part of the episode is coming up. Tobin dies. Well, not right away. It takes a little bit. We haven’t seen Tobin in A WHILE now. But when our troop first came to Alexandra he was big. He’s a really nice guy who had a huge crush on Carol! They even kind of dated! He wants them to be together “after this is all over.” Carol’s problem is, she doesn’t believe anything will ever be over. She thinks they’ll all be warring and suffering till they just die! Tobin was injured with one of The Saviors tainted weapons. So he ends up dying/turning and goes on a biting and zombie making spree. The Hilltop is in chaos! The gang doesn’t take long to piece together what happened.


        Meanwhile, little Henry isn’t doing so great. Still trying to avenge his brother, the boy (he’s about 11?) goes out to the POW pen with a very large gun. In the throes of the walker panic/outbreak, the bad Saviors easily overpower him and escape. Alden and some others stay behind to help Hilltop. They are upset with Simon for leaving them, and it’s not like they really cared about “being Negan” anyway. They just wanted to be alive.

     So where is Henry? Right now, he’s MIA. What does this mean for Tara? Will we be losing this beloved, kickass, queer lady soon? Please no.