Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 8, Ep 11)

Episode 11: Dead or alive or


   I had kind of forgotten about Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson out there on the road running from The Saviors. Remember, Eugene helped the pair escape so that the doctor could get back to Maggie and help her birth her baby. Gabriel is fighting off a really nasty infection and has lost most of his vision as a side effect. The two share some great dialogue in their travels. Despite everything that’s befallen him, Gabriel wants to show this man of science that God is out there. In fact, the heavens are leading the way. The whole episode is a rather beautiful example of this person of faith remaining hopeful and optimistic against all odds. Father Gabe is so devoted, you can tell he really hopes to make a believer out of this doubter. It seems he’s going to get his wish. Even when they’re recaptured by The Saviors, the father’s confidence in The Divine is not shaken. I myself was naively fooled that his rhetoric and tireless commentary would sway Dr. Carson! But, then the doc frigging shot himself. Damn you, TWD! You got me again! Poor Father Gabriel doesn’t take this all very well. Last we see of him, he’s in some kind of traumatized state sorting bullet shells. Negan gave him a new job in Eugene’s outpost. I’m sure the work will keep him so busy he’ll soon forget all about Dr. Carson, his failing eyesight, and this little crisis of faith thing! Gabe says the escape plan was all Carson and doesn’t rat out Eugene.

   It looks like Negan is having a little crisis of faith too. He seems pretty skeptical of our mullet-haired friend these days. But, he still puts him in charge of his own little satellite location making ammunition. Negan is really laying the pressure on thick and trying to crack the amateur scientist when Eugene plants an idea of sorts his brain. The leading Savior takes this and runs with it. He ends the episode with a nice little pep-talk of what’s to come for Rick & The gang. Hint, it looks like walker-fueled bio warfare is on the horizon.

   This was certainly a Dwight-centric episode too. All of the heroes from Alexandra hate him. Despite the fact that he’s been helping them for a while now, and was really only with Negan to keep his wife safe, no one trusts a turn-coat. Tara especially hates and can’t forgive him for killing her girlfriend. She manages to get herself alone with Dwight and is going to shoot him in cold blood when they’re beset by Saviors. Rather than betray the group, Dwight joins them to lead his former friends astray. The good news is, Dwight is now back on the inside with the enemy. Now he can continue spying and leaking info to the Alexandrite/Hilltop/Kingdom survivors. More than likely, someone will spot Dwight for being a traitor and he’ll be killed. For what it’s worth, Dwight knows he’s dead but still wants to help the good guys anyway! He knows he’s done unforgiveable things. Dwight kindly reminds Daryl and the audience that his wife, Sherry is still out there somewhere.  


    Maggie is in a pretty bad mood for most of the evening. Food is low so she cuts the POWer’s rations. A Savior (name unknown?) calls her out on being mean to them and she dismisses him coldly. We can tell she secretly knows he’s right though. We must all keep in mind that many of Negan’s army are not crazy sadists. They’re just people on the other side trying to survive. Despite the Alexandrite’s arrival with bad news (aka Carl’s dead), Maggie has a change of heart. Perhaps it’s Siddiqi’s humble thanks and position as the new doctor in town. Or maybe it’s seeing all the different tribes together in one place, helping out and being friends, but our fair lady decides to let the prisoners have food and time outside the pen. They need to do chores and junk like that, but hey, it’s a start.

   Little Henry is still kind of creepy and likes to spend his time staring menacingly into the Savior’s jail area. The kid doesn’t even seemed to be moved when learning Carl died helping a stranger. Morgan seems effected though. He tells Henry that Gavin was the one who killed his brother. And since he got him already, he needs to move on. I hope these two can help each other. I don’t want Henry to turn into a complete junior psychopath. Plus Morgan is my precious and I want him to be well again.


   Last but certainly not least, we have swamp zombies now. And they’re just as gross and covered over with green growing things as one could hope for! Daryl, Rosita, and Siddique lead the pack across a dank marsh by first killing all the creepy-crawlies. Dwight tips them off that the way should be clear back to Hilltop because Negan never wanted to risk his peeps by clearing the swamp. Anyway, it’s a gnarly little adventure and totally gross. Needless to say we all loved it, right? It also seems like Rick and Michonne arrived back at Hilltop too. Time to regroup and devise a new plan…