Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 7, Ep 14)

Episode 14: The Other Side

Hilltop prepares for war! Maggie and Sasha lead the motley crew in “how-to-kill-people” drills while the community’s drunken leader, Gregory, continues to down brown liquor and sneer at everyone. Jesus opens up to Mrs. Maggie Rhee and tells her she’s made this place home for him, and also subtly drops that he’s gay. It’s not long before Negan’s #1 henchman, Simon (played by the AMAZING Steven Ogg), comes calling on ol' Greg. The sloppy bastard manages to not rat out our Alexandria crew, while Daryl and Maggie hide in the fruit cellar. When only moments before, teenage Enid was going to tell Maggie the truth about Sasha and Rosita’s plan. Meanwhile, the rogue ladies sneak out on their suicide mission to assassinate Negan. By the way, that cellar scene was intense!! Was that random Savior dude gonna find them lurking behind the potato barrels?! Or was Daryl just going to spring forward like a vengeful jack-in-the-box and knife the guy?! Luckily, neither happened.

Well, it turns out The Saviors are calling on Hilltop in order to procure their doctor since theirs is dead now. Sadly, the two docs were brothers! I’m glad that this nicer and more awesome Dr. Carter didn’t have to be there to see his sibling get shoved into a furnace. In a desperate attempt to keep their doctor, Gregory tells Simon he thinks the people will revolt against him with this new development. Clearly, Simon loathes this man, but since they’re good little workers for Negan, he actually gives Gregory a map to the compound, in case he needs help ending a mutiny...interesting.

Sasha manages to get Rosita to warm up to her (eventually) whilst on the road to Negan. Remember, Abraham left Rosita for Sasha, so there’s been some misplaced anger going on there for a while. I liked seeing the dynamic with these two capable, kick ass women. They steal cars, kill walkers, and make it look easy. Rosita has become so knowledgeable and useful after years of dating handy guys, learning & perfecting their talents as her own, and then moving on. They bond, make peace, and swear to have each other’s backs in the end.

The end comes a little sooner than expected. After not being able to get a clear, distant shot at Negan, it’s time to move in. They run into a panicked Eugene, who flees the scene, and then the shocking conclusion; Sasha tricks Rosita and locks her OUT of the gate in order to complete the mission solo. As she smiled and cried, Sasha insists that it’s not Rosita’s time to die yet and heads in. BEAUTIFUL. SELFLESS. HEARTBREAKING. I DIE INSIDE.

Top 4 Moments of the Night:

  1. I already mentioned the cellar scene, but it really was a highlight. Not only because of the danger, but because afterwards, Maggie and Daryl cry it out together over Glen! Of course she doesn’t blame him for the death of one of his best friends! Silly Daryl, stop beating yourself up over that.
  2. Simon! I’ve been a fan of the comedy/scariness he’s brought to the show for a while now. A great edition, and a great casting choice. Steven Ogg plays this character with such commitment that he is on the right side, and that he has a job to do, damn it.
  3. Trust. The invisible co-title to this episode. Sasha -> Enid & Jesus, Jesus & Enid -> Maggie, Maggie -> Daryl, Rosita -> Sasha, Simon -> Gregory...are you seeing it yet?! All good relationships are built on it, and it’s how we’re going to win the war against Negan!
  4. ALL THE SASHA AND ROSITA FEELS FOREVER. I know I said I was ready to say goodbye to them, because they’re off on this crazy plan, but I LIED. I love them too much! Sasha seems ready to fold her hand. She lost her wonderful brother Tyrese (one of my favorite characters EVER), then she lost her beloved boyfriend Bob (after he’d been partially cannibalized by those Terminus freaks), and then she found true love AGAIN with Abraham, and we all know how that ended. Rosita is still finding her place. And every damn character on the show has said how important she is to the group, and how much they need her. But are either Sasha or Rosita going to make it out of this season alive? Doubtful.