Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 7, Ep 12)

Episode 12: Say Yes

On this week’s episode, Rick and Michonne take a sexy road trip to look for guns. Their wanderings lead them to a hellish carnival/encampment filled with lots of dead people. Apparently this society was some kind of fun hangout where civilians and soldiers had a ferris wheel, carnie games, food supplies, and a good stash of firearms. Sure, it’s weird. But what the hell, let’s roll with it. They do end up getting what they came for, and manage to have some deep conversations along the way. Michonne thinks she lost Rick to the walkers at one point and it forces them to talk about the fact that their feud with Negan may kill them both. But, they’ll do it to ensure a better world for the kiddos to grow up in. Meanwhile, Rick has been trying to prolong their mission in order to avoid reality for a while. I can’t say I blame him.

The team takes the guns back to Jadis and The Scavengers who find the loot a bit lacking. They want more guns plus, their cat statue back. Jadis is a Greedy Gus! We can’t really fault her for that, considering she’s making negotiations to fight The Saviors. I guess that means the war is postponed for a while longer. Or is it?? Which leads us to...Rosita. Despite her and Father Gabriel having YET another come-to-Jesus chat, the woman just isn’t willing to budge. It was at this very moment I kissed Rosita goodbye -- cause I’m predicting she won’t be long for this world.

After waffling on whether or not to tell Rick about the women of Oceanside, Tara turns to baby Judith to talk it out. The episode ends leaving us to believe she’s told him everything. Doing so means she’s broken her promise to Cindy. Her conscience feels it’s the justified thing to do to keep Negan from taking over the world. I love Tara to pieces, but I’m not sure this was the right choice. But they need those women and their weapons to take down the evil man. The females of Oceanside feel like they’ve lost enough. They aren’t trusting, and they aren’t willing to battle. Is that selfish of them to not help the cause and fight? Does this make them any different from the reluctant King Ezekiel? One thing's for sure, Tara is in pickle. Anyway, Rosita goes to Sasha and tells her the two of them need to set off and assassinate Negan. No more waiting around for their friends. Of course Sasha is still griefstricken and agrees, as long as she can take the shot. If memory serves, Sasha is a really good sniper. So if anyone has a chance of taking Negan out, it’s probably her. So now I’m totally worried because there is no way Rosita and Sasha can take off on this (let's face it) suicide mission and get away with it. Well...bye, gals. Been nice knowing you.

Top 4 Moments of the Night:

  1. Rick and Michonne. These two actors have such great chemistry. I can’t decide which I like more, the dialogue they share, or the way they cut through those reanimated corpses so in sync.

  2. Tara and Judith. It was such a great scene, Tara telling her woes to the little toddler and working out for herself to do what she feels is right.

  3. Rick telling Michonne how much he misses Glen. It was nice to see this warm and squishy side of him talking about how he misses his BFF. The feeling is mutual, bro.

  4. Lots and lots of gorey, gooey, gross-ness. That weird bloody, mucus stuff was flying out of those walkers and I was LIVING for it.