Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 7, EP 7)

Episode 7 - "Sing Me A Song"

Spoiler Alert: Negan is an asshole. Perhaps that could be the tagline to the whole of Season 7 thus far? We got another awesome 90-minute episode this week before next Sunday’s mid-season finale. I’m dreading the break of course, but I can’t help but be totally excited for the upcoming episode. Here’s a quick breakdown: Rosita bullied Eugene into crafting her a bullet(s?), Michonne stealthy struck off on her own to kidnap a Savior and go after Negan, Rick, and Aaron are still out scavenging, Spencer found a cache of goodies, and probably still hates Rick despite a-come-to-Jesus chat with Father Gabriel. Oh, and Jesus! Jesus and Carl were still on that truck back to Negan’s main camp. Carl tricked Jesus into thinking he would bail out with him, but instead stayed on.

I will admit, it was kind of badass to see Carl pick up a machine gun and mow down two of Negan’s men once they arrived. Obviously, this was a poorly constructed plan; but, a believable thing for a testosterone-ridden teen boy to try to pull off solo. Negan decides to take young Carl on a little tour, since he is having a hard time deciding on how to punish him for his crimes. We get to meet the wives! The wives hang out in this fancy room full of booze and plush furniture, more like an upscale brothel than a home, which I suppose it is. And they all wear black cocktail dresses just to make it even more awkward. Sadly, one of the wives strayed and hooked up with the guy she, presumably, actually loves. Negan has “no choice” but to give the lover-boy the iron. Just like Dwight! The iron is exactly what it sound like, a red hot household iron stuck in the furnace and then onto some dude’s face. Ouch.

Negan also demonstrates to Carl what a good cult leader he is. His people bow to him and are rewarded with fresh produce. He gives a nice speech about how The Saviors are restoring order and civility to a world gone mad swarmed by the undead. Negan also exacts some pretty uncomfortable psychological torture by having the kid remove the wrapping off the empty eye socket (ewwww!), and sing him a song his dear departed mummy used as a lullaby -- Hence, the title of the episode. Negan then decides he better take Carl home...this can’t be good. He demands to look over the Grimes’ home and discovers baby Judith. The episode ends with Negan holding Judith, sitting with Carl on the front porch. Some sort of sick Americana tableau.

Negan seems rather taken with little Judith. I don’t think he’ll hurt her, I think he intends to kidnap her. And what would Rick & the Peeps be able to do to stop him? Michonne is headed to the compound when she should be back in Alexandria where Negan actually is. And what about Rosita? Will she take a shot at the Big Bad Wolf while she can? Perhaps the most exciting thing, Daryl is back in the hole after threatening Negan to not harm Carl. Someone slides him a note under the door to escape, including a key and a match. It looked like a women’s handwriting to me. Could it be wife Sherry, Dwight’s former lady? Or maybe even Dwight himself? Who cares!! Run, Daryl!! RUUUUUUUN!!!

Top 4 Moments of the Episode:

  1. As previously stated, I am a totally trash Daryl Dixon fangirl. So naturally my heart burst into song when he got that note. I hope he makes it!
  2. Carl’s yucky empty eye socket. Negan says he should leave it uncovered and no one will fuck with him. I am inclined to agree.
  3. Iron to the face. The poor dude eventually passes out from pain. It’s horrible, awful, and very effective. This is a horror TV show people; this is what we wanted after all!
  4. Since Negan hasn’t “punished” Carl yet, I’m a little tense about how that will shake out. We know Negan’s MO is usually to punish a loved one of the person who acted out…who will it be?