Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 7, Ep 4)

Episode 4 - "Service"

Sorry for the posting delay, I am ill with one of those bone-rattling coughs. It’s gross. But, better late than never, right? So this was the hyped 90-minute episode tonight. I’m not mad about it or anything; it wasn’t disappointing, but it didn’t really feel like much happened. Not enough to warrant an additional 30 minutes anyway. Maybe this just felt like a good amount of episode. Perhaps every week should be 90 minutes. This week’s show takes us through our first Negan/Saviors visit to Alexandria. It was, predictably, uncomfortable. Tense, even. The Big Bad Wolf showed up at the gate of our little piggy’s once happy community a few days early. They commenced to bullying and pillaging, as expected. This included confiscating all the guns. And when two were missing from Olivia’s inventory, Negan threatened to kill her if they didn’t produce the goods.

Rick found Spencer’s little treasure trove in the floor boards of his home. Spencer did in fact have the two guns, food, and booze. Selfish little bastard has been stealing! Of course he didn’t take too kindly to Rick ransacking his house while he was out scavenging with Rosita. Rosita meanwhile is hellbent on vengeance and has commissioned Eugene to start manufacturing ammo for her OWN secret gun she took off a dead Savior. Michonne was off practicing her sniper skills, which are sadly lacking. And here we have another woman who wants her wants her revenge. Rick turns in her rifle, and tries to reason with her. The people of Alexandria seem to be having some issues understanding who Negan is (the devil), and what he wants, (he wants all the things) and that he won’t be easily toppled. Sad Darryl was there as an indentured servant collecting the stolen wares, eyes downcast and not allowed to talk or stay with the fam. Negan threatens that Alexandria better have something “interesting” for him next week, or someone will die.

Spencer tries to stand up to Rick, which was an embarrassing fail. I really don’t like Spencer, but maybe he has a point that Rick should have made a deal with Negan last season. Instead, he decided that he & his people make good mercenaries and should just charge blindly into as assassination attempt against a foe they knew little about. Rick makes it clear he’s not some weak pushover now, but is just trying to keep his family and community alive. Good luck with that.

Top 4 Moments:

  1. Rick opening up to Michonne about his old buddy Shane who he knows is baby Judith’s biological father. But he doesn’t care, Judith is HIS daughter. It was really sweet, and sad. Also, Shane episodes feel like they were a million years ago.
  2. Father Gabriel being a team player! That guy has finally come full circle, and I’m super happy about it. He even digs a quickie grave that they tell Negan contains Maggie and her baby.
  3. Seeing the painful interaction between Darryl and Rick. I have to keep hope alive that Darryl has some tricky plan up the sleeve of his dirty beige sweatshirt.
  4. Negan taking out a walker with an absurdly large candle stick to the face.