Dead Digest: The Walking Dead (SSN 7, Ep 2)

Episode 2: "The Well"

Ezekiel 25:17.”The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.
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Welcome back! I've never claimed to be a biblical scholar, so forgive me if the passage above is a bit off. I had to call on my Google-foo to help me out. So on tonight’s episode, we picked back up with Morgan and Carol for the first time since last year. After Carol is injured, the pair are rescued by a group of people wearing body armor, while astride some horses. Turns out these are the “knights” of King Ezekiel. Yes, King. Well, really he’s just a handsome man with dreadlocks and a tiger named Shiva. Ezekiel is the kind and good-hearted ruler of The Kingdom; the denizens of which are happy, shiny, and productive people. Fertile crops! School children! All the cobbler one can eat! It all makes Carol wanna puke. She never did take kindly to people who didn’t have the good sense to realize they’re living through the end of the world. Ezekiel postures and speaks with all the poise of a moderately good Shakespearean theater actor. His “court” is even held on a quaint community stage. The tiger is most impressive. His subjects seem loyal and happy to play along with his little LARP.

Carol puts on her goody humble homemaker act to try and seem unassuming while she plots her escape. Morgan, thankful for the good king’s help and that of his subjects, repays his debt to them by going along on some secret missions. Only the King and his most trusted guards are allowed on these little treks. Morgan and the merry band set out on the surrounding streets to round up some pigs and feed them walkers. The piggies are then slaughtered and surrendered to none other than Negan’s Saviors. Here is yet another group under his powerful thrall! This is a dirty little secret the King and his knights keep from the townsfolk as they live in blissful ignorance. Morgan takes a young squire-type under his wing to teach him Aikido.

The King catches Carol trying to escape and calls her out on her act. He admits that he’s an actor too. Apparently he did his fair share of amateur theater back in the day. Ezekiel was a zookeeper who lost everything in the apocalypse except his loyal Shiva. Her presence helped him gain a following of people who needed help and leadership. But he only has the best of intentions and wants to give hope to the hopeless, and a sense of safety and happiness too. He and Morgan set Carol up in a little house on the outskirts where she can have solitude and contemplation without being a part of the commune. Also, methinks there is a romance brewing between Carol and the king. But are there also sparks between her and Morgan? This series needs a new love triangle already.

Top 4 Moments of the Night:

  1. Decapitating walkers whilst on horseback. Seriously awesome and effective! We should have been doing this the whole time, people!
  2. The town choir sings Bob Dylan. Excuse me, where do I sign up??
  3. Morgan. Morgan is my (very close) second favorite character after Daryl. I know, I’m a trashy Dixon fangirl, but at least I own it. Morgan’s arc in this series has been BEAUTIFUL. Please writers and producers, keep him around for a long time and continue to utilize this man!!
  4. “Where there is life, there’s life” A quote from the good king to Carol. This is his motivation, and why he continues to help people and keep going despite the hellish world around them. Please don’t let this guy turn out to be a secret cannibal.