Horror Shorts

Spook Train: Room 1

We here at Bloodlust Ventures were excited to learn that Lee Hardcastle, the animator who brought you those neat claymation versions of classic horror movies (not to mention gloriously bloody Adult Swim station IDs & that stop motion Simpsons couch gag), has just released the first installment of a new series called Spook Train. Room 1 explores whether a “quick & painless death” is just that, & wonders what it means to go peacefully in one’s sleep. Like the rest of Hardcastle’s stuff, it’s filled with gore & dark humor. Check it out & let us know what you think.

Operator - Episode 1

Do you like stop motion animation? Who doesn't, right? Well, here's a creepy little offering for ya. The Operator series is about an evil corporation who enslaves its workers by releasing biomechanical parasites to take over their bodies. Just some good, clean fun!

The series has been funded by Kickstarter, with the first two episodes produced and the third already funded. Check out the creator, Sam Barnett on his YouTube & his website.

The Expressionless

Not the first of the Creepypasta adaptations we've featured on the site, but certainly one of the creepiest. Adapted from a story by Tom Lever which was inspired this vintage photo from Anthony Armstrong-Jones:

You've probably seen this one before. At the very least, in your nightmares.

You've probably seen this one before. At the very least, in your nightmares.

The short was written & directed by Michael Gallagher in 2013. At less than six minutes, it packs a serious punch. Amazing what a little makeup & some atmosphere can do. Check it out!