Best Horror of 2016: Eddie's Picks

Our man Eddie is a man of few words. However, he did take the time to put together a "best of 2016" list so do yourselves a favor and read through his few, but poignant, words. Unless you're a total jabroni and don't like lists...

The Boy

Yep, the doll movie. SHUT UP! DON'T JUDGE ME, I LIKED IT! It is a silly movie with a loose plot and a strange twist, but it's all done in an amazing setting.


Don't Breathe

Oh shit! Super turbo blind guy smashes invading teens intent on robbing his home. Really fun watch with a twist that delighted and disgusted me.



Morgan Spurlock's "documentary" on the ever-growing rat population of our cities genuinely creeped me out. Mainly it was all the parasites shown that infest these little bastards. Bot flies...woof!


Late Night Cable

Friend of the show, Andrew Shearer, released an anthology film this year called "Late Night Cable" and it featured a short done by his pre pre-school daughter. It's just her running around filming things with some spooky music added to it. By far the most original thing I've seen this year and I'm totally a sucker for kiddos.


10 Cloverfield Lane

John fucking Goodman. That is all.

autopsy-of-jane-doe sm.jpg

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This one hit my sweet spot by not being too smart or too dumb. It was a fun adventure that felt like a mash-up of CSI, Columbo, and The Goonies - all in a strange (but fun!) way.


ABC's of Death 2.5

What a treat this compilation film was. Incredibly fun shorts full of blood splatter, demons, heavy metal, hookers, big-wheel motorcycle gangs, and Elvis impersonators.



Turkey's horror offering, Baskin, didn't disappoint at all. This freak show of a movie was so exciting and over-the-top, I have recommended it to all my strong-stomached horror friends.


The Invitation

The Invitation unnerved me more than any other movie I watched this year. This bottle horror suspense fest shattered my nerves by the end, but I enjoyed every minute of it.


The Witch

This masterpiece comes in at #1 for me. It had it all, from a devil-goat to a naked wild witch party in the woods. This film was crafted with love and it shows.