5 Underrated Horror Heroines

Hello! As a big supporter of awesome female characters in horror, I took it upon myself to compile my list of underrated carriers of the XX chromosome.

5. Elise Rainier (Insidious)

What a badass! Using her intense psychic powers, Elise helps families in need by dealing with the spectral creepy-crawly entities reaching out from “the further.” She also happens to look like a boss whilst doing so. Elise barely breaks a sweat and rarely loses her cool. This is obviously the gal you want in your corner when tormented souls or spooky red and black colored demons are bothering you.

4. Samantha (House of the Devil)

You can’t help but feel a little bit bad for poor Sam. Sure, it seems weird to accept a gig “watching” an elderly woman when you were set up to think you’ll be babysitting small children. But then there was the allure of free pizza and that rental deposit deadline looming. I can relate, Sam! Anyway, once she gets into trouble on this fateful night, Sam isn’t going down easy. She proves to be a fighter and a survivor. Not to mention a killer dancer.

3. Lorraine Warren (The Conjuring)

Here we have another psychic helper, just like Elise. But you know what makes Lorraine even cooler? She’s a real life person who turned 89 this year! Lorraine bravely squares off against evil in order to aid and defend the innocent. Bravo, sister!

2. Melanie Daniels (The Birds)

Played by the exquisite Tippi Hedren, Melanie is a dry-humored, practical joker trying to prove to the world she’s not some playgirl spoiled brat. Then she happens to get caught up in a bird-pocalypse along the way. She witnesses some crazy stuff and holds it together for a pretty long time. And lest we forget, she saves the school children from a particularly nasty feathered flock. Lesser women would have crumbled to pieces much sooner under the pressure.

Oh, wait! Before we get to #1, let me give credit to some honorable mentions…Thanks, ladies, for almost making the cut.

Liz Taylor! I didn’t want to venture in TV land for this list, but I cannot get the amazing Liz Taylor from American Horror Story: Hotel out of my mind! She’s a smart, loving, wise-cracking broad who is tough as nails. No matter what life and that crazy-ass hotel threw at her, Liz stayed golden.


Next, sisters Callie and Tricia from Absentia. I had a hard time choosing which of these brave and flawed ladies I admired more. Then I realized they’re just even better as a packaged deal. I liked how realistic these characters felt to me, as individuals and as siblings.


And here is the darling Emily from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Emily is a whacky, fun, beautiful, and ultimately selfless romantic heroine. Animated or not, she’s a treasure to the horror realm.

And now, I give you my #1 pick! Drum roll please…

1. Dani (Hocus Pocus)

Last but not least! This little moppet is the quintessential 90’s cool kid. She’s a tough little cookie with a heart of gold. Plus, she loves Halloween like every true horror fan does. Awesome witch costume? Check. Comic relief? Yes. Brave? Yup. Wise cracks? You know it. Perhaps it goes without saying that she is SO much cooler than her lame brother Max and is the real hero of this Halloween story.


Sandra is a The Bloodlust contributor and has been a fan of scary books, movies, and spooky true tales since a young age. Her favorite types of horror are supernatural/paranormal, horror-scifi hybrids, classics from the 1960’s or earlier, and anything with a cult in it. Sandra is a married ghoul happily owned by a spoiled cat. When not immersing herself in the macabre, she’s usually running, crafting, playing with creepy dolls, and watching either Disney or sports.

~ Sandra (@LilMsMnstr)