118 | Possum


Writer/Director: Matthew Holness

Synopsis: Possum is the name of a puppet, a horrible, abomination of a puppet, who this poor guy named Philip is always trying to lose. Philip arrives back in his home town with Possum in tow, & they return to his childhood home & his uncle(?) Maurice, who has been living there. Philip throws Possum in the trash, leaves him in the woods, etc. etc., but he wakes up in the morning & there he is again, good as new. Is Philip psychotic? Is the puppet an evil monster? And what the hell is up with Maurice?

As promised, here’s the little video Eddie made while watching the movie:

Next up, the gang just remembered it’s Women in Horror month, because fuck is it February already?! Luckily, there’s a new film out that’s made by a woman, has three female leads, & looks VERY interesting. It’s called Braid, & hopefully you’re as intrigued as we are to watch it. It’s available on streaming platforms right meow.

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107 | Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

PM post.jpg

Directors: Sonny Laguna & Tommy Wiklund

Writer: S. Craig Zahler

Synopsis: Thomas Lennon plays Edgar, a somewhat pathetic dude who is forced to move back in with his parents after a divorce. He decides to sell his murdered brother’s doll at a convention celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original puppet massacre, which turns out to be a very bad idea. As fans & collectors converge on the site of the murders, a mysterious force begins to animate the dolls once again.

If you count yourself among the group of folks who love the movie Grave Encounters, then you'll want to join us next time as we discuss writer/director Colin Miniham's latest contribution to the horror genre, What Keeps You Alive.

Into/outro music courtesy of Peter Perfect. Check him out on Instagram | Soundcloud 

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