madeline brewer

119 | Braid


Writer/Director: Mitzi Peirone

Synopsis: Two women, Petula & Tilda, are on the run from the police after being busted with $80k worth of drugs. They flee to the country, where their childhood friend Daphne still lives alone in an enormous mansion. Daphne’s isolated estate would be the perfect place to hide out for a couple days. What’s even better, there’s a safe chock full of money somewhere in the house, just waiting to be found. The only catch? Daphne is cuckoo bananas, & insists on still playing their old games of make believe & never ever breaking character. Can Petula & Tilda find the safe before Daphne’s games end up killing them?

Next up, we’re hoping Mr. Nicholas The Eyes of My Mother Pesce has given us another winner with his new film, Piercing.

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113 | Cam


Director: Daniel Goldhaber

Writers: Isa Mazzei

Synopsis: Alice (Madeline Brewer) is an ambitious young woman who has been rising in the ranks of cam girls on a popular adult website while trying to find the right way to tell her mother what her well-paying new job in “web design” really entails. She has built up a group of repeat customers who enjoy her theatrical shows as well as the illusion that she is in a special relationship with them. One day Alice attempts to sign onto the site & finds that she’s locked out & her email is no longer associated with her account. But what’s worse, when she finds that her account is live & checks it out, she’s horrified to see herself staring back at her, in her own room. Who is doing this to her, & why??

We’re getting into December, folks, which can only mean one thing - best of the year lists are coming. We at Bloodlust Ventures want to make sure you’re properly prepared, so we’re circling back to a movie from early in 2018 that is sure to be on a lot of lists. Be sure to check out Annihilation if you haven’t already, & join us back here in two weeks to discuss. Bonus points if you’ve read the book & have listened to Genre Junkies’s awesome episode about it.

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