117 | Glass


Writer/Director: M Night Shyamalan

Synopsis: Kevin Wendell Crumb’s monstrous personality The Beast is still on the loose, terrorizing Philadelphia. Luckily the city has a hero looking out for them, one who has been dubbed The Overseer. We know him as David Dunne, who has been working in conjunction with his now grown son to keep the streets safe. Of course, the powers that be do not condone vigilante justice, so when The Overseer finally tracks down The Beast their tussle attracts the attention of the authorities, who promptly toss both of them in a mental hospital. Enter Sarah Paulson, a doctor who specializes in the delusion that one is a superhero. She has been given the opportunity to treat her new patients for three days with the goal of getting them to realize they are just ordinary men. But wait! There’s a third party in the mix. Namely, Elijah Price has been a resident of this hospital since we left him at the end of Unbreakable, living in a drug-induced stupor. Now that we have all the ingredients we just mix & serve.

Next up, the gang checks out one of Amy’s favorite films of 2018, the exceedingly weird Possum. Rent it on demand & we’ll see you back here in two weeks to discuss.

Intro/outro music courtesy of Peter Perfect. Check him out on Instagram | Soundcloud 

Other music from https://filmmusic.io by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)