Train to Busan

72 | Train to Busan

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Writer/Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Synopsis: A busy hedge fund manager agrees to take his young daughter to visit her mother on her birthday. On the way to the train station they notice lots of emergency & army vehicles, but don’t pay much attention. Too bad, b/c a viral outbreak is causing people to rise from the dead & go after the living. And one of them just got on the train with them. In addition to the father-daughter team we meet a very pregnant woman & her husband, a high school baseball team & their one cheerleader, & two elderly sisters, among others. Will they make it to their destination, & what will be waiting for them when they get there?

Director Yeon Sang-ho made an earlier, animated prequel to Train to Busan called Seoul Station, which is said to take place one day prior to the events in Train to Busan.

For our next episode we'll be reviewing Irish film A Dark Song, about Aleister Crowley-style magic rituals. Sounds intriguing, right? Check it out on VOD & join us back here in two weeks to discuss.