80 | The Devil's Candy

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Director/Writer: Sean Byrne

Synopsis: After moving his family into a large farm house (which, of course, has a seeded history), a young father struggles against the satanic forces threatening them from within the house.  

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71 | The Void

71 | The Void

**Writer/Director**: Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski

**Synopsis**: Sheriff’s deputy, Daniel, is quietly trying to wait out the end of his shift when he notices an injured man stumbling out of the woods. After taking the man to a nearly empty hospital, on the verge of closing forever, a series of incredibly stranges events begin to take place. It's difficult to determine which is the bigger danger, the inexplicable monster roaming the halls, or the ominous group of costumed, knife-wielding figures, surrounding the hospital, preventing anyone from excaping. You'll have to settle-in and buckle-down for this movie because shit gets crazy (in the most wonderful way possible).