Horror Comedy

129 | Midsommar

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Director/Writer: Ari Aster

Stars: Florence Pugh, Jack Raynor, William Jackson Harper & Will Poulter

Rated: R, Runtime: 2 hours 27 min

Released July 3, 2019; Available in Theaters

Synopsis: A group of grad students from the US travel with their friend to his hometown in Sweden to experience their mid-summer festival. Among them is Dani, who has recently experienced a terrible tragedy, & her boyfriend Christian, who was considering breaking up with Dani just before said tragedy. Not only is their relationship on the rocks, this festival seems a little strange, too...

Various artists whose work was included in this film: Mu Pan, Ragnar Persson (he did all the art in the bunkhouse), and John Bauer.

Next up, recent festival favorite I Trapped the Devil. Check out that trailer. Cool premise, no? Rent it on demand & meet us back here in a couple weeks to discuss.

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128 | The Dead Don't Die


Director/Writer: Jim Jarmusch

Stars: Everyone

Rated: R, Runtime: 1 hour 44 min

Released June 14, 2019; Available in Theaters

Synopsis: The story of the Centerville (“A Real Nice Place”) police force, who must deal (or not deal) with a horde of zombies who have overrun their town. The force is lead by Chief Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray) & consists solely of officers Ronnie & Mindy (Adam Driver & Chloe Sevigny). Together with some very colorful citizens they attempt to understand just what has gone wrong in their sleepy burg & whether or not any of them will survive.

Next up, join us around the maypole as we review summer’s most anticipated film, Ari Aster’s Midsommar, and pray that our crops come in this year.

Theme music: "Secret of Tiki Island" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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99 | The Greasy Strangler


Director: Jim Hosking

Writers: Jim Hosking & Toby Harvard

Stars: Michael St. Michael, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth De Razzo

Synopsis: Big Ronnie & his son, Big Brayden, give disco walking tours in Los Angeles, & really, really enjoy greasy food. Things are great between the two until an alluring woman enters their lives & they begin vying for her affection. Meanwhile, a grease-covered killer is stalking the city, murdering people they know. Could Big Ronnie know more than he’s letting on?

*cue Jaws theme music*

Episode 62: The Eyes of My Mother

Director/Writer: Nicolas Pesce

Stars: Kika Magalhaes, Will Brill, Olivia Bond

Synopsis: Little Francisca lives on a remote farm with her Portuguese-transplant mother & taciturn father. She idolizes her mother, a former surgeon who is seen teaching her about her namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, & giving her anatomy lessons using the local cows. An act of violence is the catalyst which influences Francisca’s psychologically damaged development into very lonely adulthood. The movie progresses towards an inevitable conclusion as Francisca becomes increasingly desperate for companionship in addition to becoming more & more unhinged.

Our dear pal Becky (@bexbz) joins us for this review.

Join us next time as we review The Autopsy of Jane Doe. This was a late additon to the 2016 horror club but was totally worth the wait. It's available for rent so check it out and listen in for our review.

Bloodlust Bites: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Bloodlust Bites: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

This is the charming story of two backwoods hillbillies whose relaxing fishing trip goes terribly wrong when they're interrupted by a bunch of d-bag prepsters who just want to ruin their good time. Trust us, hilarity ensues.