French Horror

104 | Revenge


Written/Directed: Coralie Fargeat

Synopsis: A young woman named Jen is enjoying a trip with her wealthy, married boyfriend to his impressive desert vacation home, when his two hunting buddies drop in on them a day earlier than scheduled. Jen tries to be a good sport, gamely interacting with the other men, but when her boyfriend leaves her alone with them, one of the men violently attacks & rapes her. When her boyfriend fails to take her side in the matter, & she refuses to accept his payoff, the men throw her off a cliff & leave her for dead, going about their hunting trip as if nothing happened. But when they return to collect her body, it’s gone. That’s when the hunters…. BECOME THE HUNTED.

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68 | Raw

68 | Raw

**Director/Writer**: Julia Ducournau

**Synopsis**:  Shy & timid Justine is just starting her first year of veterinary school & is having trouble adjusting. The dorms are co-ed, the upper classmen are mean & intimidating, & their hazing rituals are pretty intense. At least Justine has her older sister, Alexia, also at school there, to help her learn the ropes. But when Justine, a lifelong vegetarian, is forced by her sister to eat meat for one of her first hazing rituals, she begins experiencing some very strange side effects.