Classic Horror

115 | Black Christmas (1974)

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Director: Bob Clark

Writer: A. Roy Moore

Synopsis: A group of sorority girls alone in their sorority house during winter break start receiving creepy, obscene phone calls from some anonymous weirdo. The sorority sisters eventually realize they’re not dealing with some prankster when the calls take a very threatening turn and two women, including one of the sisters, go missing/turn up dead. With a suspected serial killer on the loose and no suspects, will Barb and her sisters live to see Spring Break?!?

Next up, for our first episode of the new year, we’ll be reviewing and discussing the very recent Netflix release, Bird Box. We’ve mentioned the book a few times and Amy even joined our pal Sandra in a discussion of it on Sandra’s podcast, Genre Junkies. The book’s a great (and quick) read so be an overachiever and check out the book and movie before our next episode.

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