69 | The Belko Experiment

belko post.jpg

Director: Greg McLean

Writer: James Gunn

Synopsis: Employees at Belko Enterprises arrive at work one day to discover all sorts of weird things going on: the local employees are sent home, the entire building is put on lockdown, and a mysterious voice on the PA tells them they must kill 2 people in the next two hours otherwise a larger group will be killed. Rivalries and alliances form, alpha males get a thirst for blood, and people get merked. These folks could really use a company retreat.

Notes: We briefly talk about the Trolley Problem and the Milgram Experiment - click on either link if you'd like more info.

In case you didn't get a chance to check out the wonderful claymation teasers for The Belko Experiment:

Next we'll cover another horror offering from director Oz Perkins - we covered I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House toward the end of 2016. The Blackcoat's Daughter stars Emma Roberts and is currently available on VOD.