88 | Creep 2


Director: Patrick Brice
Writers: Patrick Brice & Mark Duplass

Synopsis: Sara is a filmmaker who has made nine episodes of a nearly unwatched YouTube show called Encounters, where she meets up with men who post especially pathetic ads on Craigslist. Frustrated by her lack of views & feeling creatively stagnant, she goes looking for a good subject for her tenth & final episode. She thinks she hits the jackpot when she discovers a cryptic ad looking for a videographer to “go deep” with, so she ventures out (alone) to meet Aaron, who we all remember as the psychotic weirdo from Creep 1.

Aaron claims he wants total transparency in their new relationship, so he lays the situation out right away for Sara - he is a serial killer by profession, but he’s having a midlife crisis & has lost touch with why he used to love the work. He wants Sara to help him make a documentary about himself, either as the final summation of his life’s work or as a way to revitalize his passion.

Both Creep movies are currently available for streaming on US Netflix.

Intro/Outro music courtesy Peter Perfect. Check him out on Instagram | Soundcloud

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