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It Follows
Director/Writer: David Robert Mitchell
Stars: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi
Synopsis: Jay Height is living the life of a pretty typical 21-year-old; she's attractive, has a fun group of friends, and is dating a nice guy. So imagine her surprise when she finally decides to get it on with her bf, only to be chloroformed and tied to a chair while her knight in shining armor explains that she is now cursed. This isn't just your normal STD/curse that can be dealt with by taking a strong antibiotic; this is a curse that will follow Jay everywhere, taking the form of anyone (alive or dead). If Jay lets it catch up to her, it will kill her and return to chasing her handsome beau. He informs her that the only way to pass it on is to have sex with someone else and pass the curse to them. Jay and her friends try to escape from the curse in any way they can. However, like her boyfriend warned her at the beginning, "it's slow but not stupid." She will soon learn that she may never actually be free of the curse.

We talk a lot about the soundtrack of this film, mainly because it's flipping awesome. We all highly recommend that you give it a listen. The entire score is by Disasterpeace, from Berkley, California. His website allows for free streaming, as well as downloads of individual tracks or the entire album (I think "Detroit" is my personal fav).

What'd we think of It Follows?
(Out of 5 stars)

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