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Dapper Dandy

Dapper Dandy

American Horror Story: Freak Show, Season 4, Episode 9
Title: "Tupperware Party Massacre"
Aired: 12/10/2014

Synopsis: Still distraught over the loss of his mother (and Ma Petite), Jimmy Darling sinks into a drunken depression, which causes him to do things he'd normally not do - and we'd really rather not see. Dandy is up to his usual hijinks and is getting much more comfortable with murder. Bette and Dot are finally at the point (or so they think) where they have to decide whether or not to actually go through with the separation surgery. Much like the last episode, this one doesn't hold back on the blood and murder.

 AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW (L-R): Salty (Christopher Neiman) and Pepper (Naomi Grossman) in "Monsters Among Us.

American Horror Story: Freak Show, Season 4, Episode 10
Title: "Orphans"
Aired: 12/17/2014

Synopsis: This episode gives us the rather heartbreaking backstory for pepper, which takes us from the freak show tent to Briarcliff Manor. That's right, they've finally made the official connection to AHS: Asylum (arguably the best season of the entire series). Pepper's husband dies in his sleep (suspicious) and Stanley is all too quick to take advantage. Finally, poor Jimmy, arrested for Dandy's crimes in the last episode, is forced to part with two very important things in exchange for top legal counsel.