Profile | Soren Narnia

Amy sits down (virtually) with Soren Narnia, the creator of the Knifepoint Horror podcast & the YouTube channel Winterthurn, to discuss storytelling, the nature of horror & why taking up pipe smoking would probably be a cool look for him. Enjoy the interview, then check out the links below to find out more about him.

Soren Narnia of Knifepoint Horror

Twitter | YouTube | Libsyn | Soren's Website

Profile: Andrew Shearer

Bikini Gorilla, Erotic Couch, and Psychovixens are only a few of the movies in the repertoire of Andrew Shearer, filmmaker and journalst out of Athens, Georgia. Our dear boy, Eddie, asks all the hard-hitting questions as they talk about podcasts, classic movies, and the origin of Gonzorrific.

Andrew Shearer IMDB | Gonzorrific IMDB | Gonzorrific YouTube | Gonzorrific Facebook

Profile: Jorge DeLaRosa - The Slow Mutants


For this week's episode, Eddie interviews local Kent, Ohio, filmmaker, Jorge DeLaRosa. Jorge heads the electronic media production company, The Slow Mutants. They discuss Jorge's past films and future projects, and Jorge shares his amusing stories, detailing the ups and downs of making low-budget films. They also delve into culture and people who make up the Kent filmmaking scene. Jorge takes a moment to share some anecdotes about weird roommates, ex-pornstar encounters, and the choice to use electrical tape as an effective censoring tool.