Horror Infographic

Horror Road Trip

Ever been on a road trip across America, checking in on some of the most iconic horror movie cars? We didn’t think so. Whether they are the danger or getting you away from it, cars play a big role in horror movies. We’re going to take you across America celebrating some of the most famous (and infamous) horror cars. We’ve got a Cadillac ambulance, a sentient Plymouth Fury, and even a tyre with a mind of its own. So buckle up, check that rear-view mirror, and join us on a horror movie road trip!

The most iconic motors in horror films

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Alice has been a content producer for Confused.com for four months. Her first experience of the horror genre was Sleepy Hollow. Her father thought it was a light-hearted historical romp about an 18th century village. Unfortunately, he was wrong. After the nightmares subsided, Alice revisited the film and never looked back. Her interests include food (specifically pork pies), animals, and comedy.