Jamie of the House Stamp, First of her name, the Sunburnt, Explorer of Tamriel, Lover of fluffy cats and baby animals, Taker of Naps, and Cat-Mother of Gaius Julius Caesar.


Our fearless leader.

Amy has been watching scary movies since well before she was old enough to do so, & it has made her the weirdo she is today. She loves David Lynch with all her heart & will watch any movie about satanic cults or cannibalism.


Against her parents' better judgement, Suzi's first foray into horror flicks was Wes Craven's 1988 thriller The Serpent and the Rainbow. Her nightmares have been keeping her up ever since.

When not in the throes of terror, Suzi enjoys spending time outdoors, preferably with her two dogs, and satisfying her sweet tooth with homemade baked goods. She somehow still prefers zombie movies.


Karen is the self-proclaimed scaredy-cat of the group (you may know her by her stage name, Kitty). This bar trivia champ spends her days wrangling unruly shoppers and her nights doing god only knows. When she’s not being scared silly or crying into mugs of butterbeer, Karen enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching comedies.



Eddie discovered his love for horror movies by riding his bike to his local movie store and renting the whole horror section one film at a time. In his research he found his favorite types of horror are creature flicks, 80's boob-heavy slasher films, and don't forget the occasional horror comedy. His fear triggers are crazy old people and any animal/human fused creatures.



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